“Graphic Design, like technology, is an exercise of creativity and imagination.”

Create a custom logo & design that separate’s you from the competition, “Make that First Impression Count”.

A graphic designer is a professional who knows their field, just like you know yours. They know about things like bleed and trap, type-safety and imposition just to name a few, so that you don't have to. Some people would have you believe that with one program they can do anything. The truth is that it can do many things but not all of them well. No single program can handle all the jobs needed to create a variety of quality materials. Professional graphic designers know how to put each program to its best use for excellent results every time.

Many times we’ve seen a business try to create a corporate image from premade templates trying to save expenses using “copy cat” type design methods. At the time, a premade logo or design may seem like a good idea – pick one, add your information and the graphic design work is done. Unfortunately there are a couple of major faults with this method.

  1. How many have thought this way & used that same design? Does this portray a noncreative and uninspired image of your company? Might this leave potential customers wondering how the quality & finish of your products or service will be?  Remember with every business card, flyer, brochure etc. you give to a potential client your promoting your image and selling the companies brand of professionalism.
  2. You have only rented graphic design, you don’t own it. If you decide to change printers or the design is required for other uses like the web or other print material a graphic designer would have to recreate/ rebuilt it, basically starting the design process all over again.

You still might think hiring a graphic designer is one more expense you don't need. It makes sense doing things yourself will save you money. Unfortunately, in the technical world of printing that usually isn’t the case. Unless your file is prepared precisely the way it needs to be for printing, a vector print ready PDF you may find that it costs more to prepare the file for printing than it would to simply hire a designer to do things right from the start, including a custom / original design.

If this is your first design or you wish to change from your current designer, fonts could be an issue when changes are needed. If the new designer doesn’t have the same fonts that were previously used in the graphic design they will have to buy them or start a new design with similar ones. There are thousands of lookalike fonts so your designer should only use commonly found fonts or fonts that are PC & Mac compatible. Fonts within your logo design are a different matter as they become imbedded, a fixed vector image, unlike a brochure or business card that will need changes from time to time. The vector print ready PDF file eliminates any font issues (without changes) when sent to print. Your vector logo / files can be altered in size without any loss of quality so may be used for many other uses. Keep your vector print ready file for future orders.

Take the time to hire a professional graphic designer. A good design need not be expensive in the big picture. However keep in mind a low hourly rate does not always mean the job will cost you less or that a high hourly rate will ensure a great design you will love. Not all graphic designers are created equal and each has their own unique style and skill set. It is more important to find a graphic designer / company you feel comfortable with rather than the least or most expensive. Being prepared with materials you like the look of and a general idea of what you want will help your graphic designer make choices that are right for your company’s projects and budget…

Are Custom Graphic Designs “really” expensive in the long run vs. noncreative, uninspired copy cat designs?

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