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Customer's Comments
"Hi Mark…the package was delivered and wow!... you were able to copy the dated pages so well... excellent job and am so thankful you took in this old senior in a power chair and helped out…will be back for a second task... so happy and pleased with your work Mark…thanks again... "
"Thanks so much for your patience. Your printer is great. Your last assignment you did for me was fantastic. Client loved it.
Hope to do business with you in the future.
Have a great day!"
Best Regards; Marla
"That's perfect Mark! Outstanding!! Please print a batch of 1k right away!!"
"To be more accurate the (mixed 2 – PMS) colors will be the same as the envelopes we printed for you.
That's perfect. Thanks so much for doing this for us, we really appreciate it."
Cheers, Kathie
"All ok to print option #2 please, looks great....nice and clean. I like the logo off to the side and big… I love it, fantastic job."
"The cards you did were fantastic!! We have added someone and would like to get the same done with her name."
"Perfect!!! It's amazing "
"Thanks again for your time on this - service like this is what separates good printers from "other printers". Truly appreciated! "
"Absolutely perfect Mark. Please let me know when I can pick them up. Thank YOU!"
"Thanks for the quick turnaround… much appreciated!"
Thanks, Matt
"When will they be ready? Loved working with you the last time!"
Best, Julia
"Its beautiful go ahead with the printing, Very nice "
Thank u Zeina
"Thanks, yes, got the domain, website is the next step.
Thanks again for working with me to get them right - next time will be a breeze! "
"I was able to see the last and final proof. It looks amazing!!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH. I'm super happy with it. Please start printing lol. You are a miracle worker. Thank you for responding quickly I do appreciate it. Thanks "
Again, Krystle
"Mark - I had a chance to pick up the cards yesterday and I have to tell you that they turned out even better than I expected! They're perfect! Thanks to Tri-City and to Copper Penny for working so quickly and closely with us to create exactly what we had in mind.
Many thanks!"
"I wanted to say thank you for getting the printing done for us ahead of schedule. As always, it’s a pleasure working with you and I wish you and yours the best of the season.
Thanks again Mark!!"
"Hi Mark, Cards are beautiful. Since I didn't buy PMS kit yet, I was a bit worried about colours but I found those colours exactly the same as I wished to be. Now exactly those two colors became my brand colors. Card density and feel is also good.
Thanks much for your work"
"Thanks for my new business cards. It was fast, inexpensive and your service was excellent. Everyone is pretty impressed with the quality!"
"Thanks for the very quick turn-around time Mark! The business cards are great quality. I'll come by in the future if I need any other printing work.
“Just wanted to say I love my cards. The cut, colour and time it took to get my cards was amazing. I will be referring people to your business when I have the opportunity to do so. If you would like me to give a testimonial I would be more than happy to do so.
Thanks so much"
"Perfect! I absolutely love it. READY TO PRINT. Thanks Mark! By the way I have been having amazing feedback on my cards so thanks to you!"
"Hi Mark, On behalf of the Bucket List Festival Co-Chairs Sharie Ford and Diana Hiebert please accept our heartfelt thanks for your kindness and generosity for printing the ticket stubs as I drafted this morning – please know it is very much appreciated although as I indicated I was quite happy to pay you but you graciously said it was your good deed for the day - thank you again.
Kind Regards"
"Thanks for your help and attention to detail!! I can tell you are very good at your job!
"Mark - another amazing job!! Thank you so much for your help. Small cards look phenomenal,
Have a great weekend"
"Awesome job Mark, give a call when ready"
"Looks great to me, exactly what I wanted! Proceed on.
Dr. Don
"Amazing, will stop by. Thank you!"
"I really appreciate you doing this on such short notice!!! You are wonderful!!! Thank you!"
"Thanks So much Mark! I can't wait to see them. Thank you again. So exciting!"
Amazing! I'm extremely happy with the design, thank you! All okay to print."
"They look perfect. Thanks. All ok to print."
”They look awesome! Thank you!
"Brilliant, Mr. Picasso it’s a print, go for it....
Thanks Joe"
"Thank you so much, the design looks perfect! I am giving you the ALL OKAY to print!"
Kyla and Derek
"Thank you, you're a lifesaver!"
"Thank you Mark for the cards, it was exactly what we wanted!!"
"Wow, that was quick. The artwork looks great. Just go on and print it.
"Thank you so much. Job was done fast, as always, and very good."