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All Business Cards are printed on 12pt card stock.

You can create your own business cards online using these simple steps:

  • Step 1. Left click on desired card template, it will be highlighted in red. Type your info, could be name, address etc. in the form. You have an option to change the font.
  • Step 2. Verify that everything on the business card is correct.
                 Choose how many cards you require to print. Prices for business card printing.
                 Fill in your contact info to confirm the printing order and select shipping (by Canada Post, within Canada only).
  • Step 3. Make your payment through PayPal /no PayPal account is necessary (VISA, Master Card).
                 You will get confirmation when your business cards will be ready/shipped.
FRONT settings
My design
  • Green line is the Safe Area, all typing (text) should be inside.
  • Red line is a cut/trim mark. Everything beyond this line will be cut off in the final printing.